A downloadable game for Windows

Made by team Armchair Factory:

Steven Zwahl

Tylar Rundquist

Jacob Armstrong

Note: All sounds and music were created by our team during the jam! Please consider us for original music/art awards.

Destroy the machines and collect their light to serve your AI master in his journey to enlightenment.


  • WASD - Movement
  • Left Mouse - Attack
  • Shift - Sprint
  • C - Crouch
    • Press C while sprinting to slide
  • Space - Jump
  • Escape - Pause/Unpause
  • Q - Switch Weapon (When available)


BringerOfBrillianceV1.2.zip 138 MB

Install instructions

Extract the contents of the zip and run the .exe.


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Hello, Can you help me with the downloading process? it was downloading fine but before its almost done it said there was a network error. and when i tried to continue downloading it, it said "Forbidden". Please respond, i can wait :)

It's possible that your browser is wary of game downloads. If it says Forbidden, try right-clicking and selecting "allow" or "download anyway" or a similar button.

Really enjoyed this, its very atmospheric and can get really frenetic, its loads of fun! I make videos of games I like on Itch, I included your game this week i hope you don't mind. Thanks for the fun. Oh and the music is fantastic!

Hey it's been a while since you posted this but I want to let you know I appreciate you checking out my game! It's actually really cool to see somebody else play it on Youtube. Forgive me for any bugs you might have seen, like the tremendous amount of flying enemies in Level 2 (which wasn't supposed to happen), but it was a game jam game, and so it goes.

Again, I'm glad you liked it, and the rest of the video was cool too, as well as your presentation and some of the other games you showed off. Thanks for giving mine a look.


Hello! Thanks for the message. Loved your game, it really stood out in terms of style and playability. I actually liked the huge amount of flying enemies, made it very tense. Well done anyway, I wish you luck and thanks again for the fun!